3Com 3C16980

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Manufacture 3Com
Model 3C16980
Link to manufacture page
Short description 24 Port 10/100 MBit Switch (Auto sensing)
Weight 4.4 kg
Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature
Certifications & Standards

Admin interface

  • Use a null modem - (baud: 9600 Parity:None, Databits: 8, Stopbits: 1, no flow control)

Default logins

  • Admin / (blank password, just press enter)

Password reset

Erase Password and set factory default values

  1. Establish a serial link connection between your PC and the EIA 232 port
  2. Login with "3comcso" and password "RIP000", confirm reinitialization.
  3. After rebooting login with "admin", password "" (empty), select menu item "system", then menu item "initialize", confirm with "yes"